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The Dolce & Gabbana stars aligned

Door Tiany op 22.10.2013

We may not be the biggest country in Europe, but trust, me have more square meters of fashion goodness than the average Avenue Montaigne…

Did I just say that? Well yes, and I strongly believe I’m darn right about the above hypothesis, as little Belgium houses truckloads of multi-brand boutiques and fashion Walhalla’s selling the most delightful goodies ever.

Obviously there are a couple of shops in Antwerp I highly recommend, but when it comes to visiting something monumental that will really leave an impression and have you drooling over most of the clothes, shoes and accessories; I tend to recommend VERSO, a bit of fashion heaven on earth.

They stock a gazillion high-end brands in a unique interior. And I always feel like a little girl in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory every time I visit this shop. Most of the time I end up at the very back which has been destined for years to the Dolce & Gabbana collection. After years of drooling and hoping on the winning lottery ticket, this very once, the stars aligned and my Dolce & Gabbana fantasies came true.

Hence this editorial of me flaunting more Dolce elegance than I can actually handle. I guess I wouldn’t mind waking up in lace, vibrant red hues and flowery pencil skirts every day. It’s like being instantly transformed into a Sicilian divine diva, feeling empowered, being a bit dramatic and entirely sexy thanks to the über stylish frocks. Of course this “vavavoom” comes with a price tag, but one can dream no? Or at least already start making wish lists for dear Santa.

All clothes, shoes and bags by Verso - Antwerp

Love Bracelet by Cartier

Make-up and hair by Kim Theylaert voor Guerlain Paris

Pictures by Dirk Alexander

Many thanks to Paleis op de Meir for the ballroom extravaganza

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