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The Kirilove x Timberland encounters

Door Tiany op 15.10.2013

There are certainties in life and one of them is most definitely the iconic Yellow Timberland Boot. I remember it being my best friend during my years as a girl scout (yes I do have a totem and it’s lively squirrel…ehum), dancing along with me to the beats of je-ne-sais-quoi and keeping my feet firm to the ground while strutting through my MTV-filled teenager years.

The Carter/Timberland collection


I can honestly not name one celebrity or true pop star that at a certain point was not snapped wearing a pair of Timberland Yellow Boots. From Rihanna to Beyoncé, hell even la J Lo managed to get Manolo Blahnik to reproduce a version of the Yellow Boot on heels that is…

The divine Yellow Boot is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary and lucky me, I got the opportunity to celebrate it with a select group of people in the Timberland Berlin Lab. It involved truckloads of boots, my new favorite drink Hugo (something delicious consisting of some kind of alcohol and Elderflower) and some patience during the queuing… But then again we were being offered the chance to personalize our very own pair of Timberland boots, which now have me longing for even more rainy, autumn days as I’m currently pretty much secured of being able to survive that in style.

The good news show continues as Timberland has teamed up with our Belgian lingerie fairy La Fille d’O, who’s celebrating her 10 years of creativity. The lady created 4 shoe tattoo’s destined to decorate the shaft of the legendary boot. These exclusive exemplars are available at Marcoz in Antwerp, so get them while it’s hot!

WEARING: COS dress, Marni collar and Isa Tapia shoes

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