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All for Children by the mini-me

Door Tiany op 07.10.2013

You give me the opportunity to play fashion with my kids and I will go all the way! So when blogger friend Zanita told me she’d be around and that she was very eager to shoot the mini-me, I knew right away which collection I’d be dressing my little dolls in...

All for Children by H&M has been around ever since 2009 and this year they managed to steal my heart with their “Halloween” inspired collection. Hence the cutest little ghosts in the history of dress-up parties!

Turns out you’ll be able to dress your offspring in adorable white ghost embroidered dresses or make them look like mini Marie-Antoinette’s. You can even have them running around the house dressed like pirates or have them wear the cutest skeleton onesies ever.

This to-die-for mini collection was designed for boys and girls and is a total must-have for your kids, as a matter of fact I’m wondering why these goodies do not come in adult sizes as I myself love to dress-up every once in a while. Guess you can’t have it all, I do however have a gazillion pictures of my beloved girls shot by Zanita, forgive me for that, but I just couldn’t chose…

The All For Children collection will be available in stores from October 10.

25% of the sales revenue is donated to the All for Children Unicef project that H&M has been supporting ever since 2009.

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