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Tapestry skirt lovin’

Door Tiany op 07.09.2013

Earlier this week I revealed my love for Italian brand Pinko and in case you still have a doubt or you haven’t just yet signed up to perhaps become the next Pinko It Girl, I hereby give you another reason…

I’ve always been pretty much into patterns and this “Navaho-ish” print skirt had me head over heels from the minute I saw it. Guess the lovely material has everything to do with that too, as this exemplar comes in a kind of tapestry and molds everything into perfection. The woven box top is the ideal match to this mini skirt and the entire outfit is what I like to call the splendid transition attire. Read: not too hot to handle during the Indian Summer we’ll hopefully be having and pretty much perfect with tights in the near future when temperatures start dropping.

I’m usually not the short skirt type of girl as I’m no longer what I like to refer to as 3x7 any more, but hey… I’ve been squatting my past weeks away (yes, I signed up to this 30 days squat challenge thing and am currently doing 150 squats a day) so I figured it was time to learn how to go short on skirts… Truth is you have to combine mini's with an elegant and ladylike pair of shoes, a pointy exemplar makes your legs look longer and I’m pretty much betting that over-the-knee-high boots will do a great job too... can't wait to get my hands on the ideal pair.


Pinko top and skirt

Neha Joyas double leo necklace

Tabitha Simmons shoes

Delvaux bag

Dodo bracelet

Cartier Love bracelet

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