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For the Kirilove of Jean Paul Lespagnard

Door Tiany op 06.09.2013

Not that the man needs any introduction, but can I hereby showcase my deepest love and appreciation for the creations of Belgian fashion whizz kid Jean-Paul Lespagnard. I met him many years ago and still recall his amazing job at the 2008 Fashion Festival in Hyères, which he also won that year. Lespagnard studied fashion design at the school of Liège and launched his very first catwalk collection in March 2011 in Paris. I’ve been captivated ever since…

There’s something magical about his creations; they’re ultra feminine and edgy at the same time, designed for foxy ladies that enjoy the every day life. There’s always a humoristic and optimistic touch to what Jean-Paul designs. This and the fact that the man is adorable all the way have made me fall totally in love with his 100% Belgian collections that just breathe in and breathe out a certain "Joie de Vivre"... respect to that! 

I took his SS 2013 "From B to A" dress to the Belgian seaside (Knokke as a matter of fact).  I figured this dress makes a perfect match with the breakwaters in the North Sea. I love the versatility and simplicity of this dress and the fact that it still looks very elegant. 


Jean-Paul Lespagnard dress

Isabel Marant sandals

Swarovski earrings

Cartier Love Bracelet

Pictures by Dirk Alexander and many many thanks to the lovely peeps at  the MAC Knokke shop for giving me the perfect long lasting make-up look.

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