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Kirilove on crisp white Club Monaco blouses

Door Tiany op 08.08.2013

I can’t seem to emphasize much more how I’ve totally fallen in love with the effortless chic designs of American brand Club Monaco. The arrival of their shop in Knokke (a year ago) has been a fashion epiphany to me, and their entire winter collection has my heart going boom boom boom. However we’re still experiencing some bright and sunny days so I decided to treat myself to some lovely prints and the elegance of a crisp white blouse with an ultra fashion twist.

I am a true devotee of all things basic and have an extended collection of the white blouse. Trust me, my closet contains every single version of this wardrobe staple, but I totally missed an exemplar of such great allure as the 1 I’m wearing on these pics. The skirt was a serious case of love at first sight and can totally be categorized as 1 of those ideal transition pieces. Wear it from summer to winter, with a pair of lovely strappy sandals or knee-high boots and some fluffy mohair.  

WEARING: Club Monaco blouse, skirt and necklace, Isabel Marant sandals

Many Thanks to MAC Cosmetics Knokke for the fabulous cat eyes and the ultra long wear and heat proof make-up look.

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