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Kiriloves DIOR

Door Tiany op 11.07.2013

I love my job and am constantly very grateful for what the heavens have decided to grant me both on terms of my professional and personal life. I’ve been receiving all these amazing invitations lately and meeting a bunch of delightful people and one of the encounters I wish to share with you involves a lot of Dior

I was invited to attend the magic of Dior make-up during the Cannes Film Festival festivities and to be honest I was already totally excited to be part of the entire backstage experience. Totally unaware of the unbelievable experience Dior had in mind for me. I had packed my best outfits, booked myself a manicure and groomed my sometimes-bewildered locks of hair to perfection to at least look as perfect as possible for Dior.  

A text message requesting my sizes should’ve alarmed me, but not even in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined to be dressed from head to toe in the divine creations of Raf Simons for Dior.

So there I was, completely baffled with the news that Dior had all the intentions to fully pamper me in the ever so legendary Dior Suite. Firstly receiving a gorgeous fresh make-up by one of Dior’s best make-up artists. Then having the chance to slip into one of the divine creations and to top it of even being offered the chance to wear some of the Dior Haute Joaillerie. Kind of a Cinderella feeling that was, which of course also included the going back to the non Dior me… but hey, at least I had the chance to be part of this exceptional experience.


Kirilove in Dior on the Red Carpet in Cannes... how good can things get?

On the make-up side

-My skin was prepped to perfection with the Capture Totale Skin Boosting Super Serum. It’s all about moisturizing and that is practically the biggest secret to a great make-up, don't forget to pamper your lips!

-Mix your Skin Flash Primer with a concealer to obtain the perfect “teint”, it highlights your skin and makes it look all glowy and perfect.

-Dare to be bold and that’s how the pink shaded Twinset Eyeshadow ended on my eyelids… I think the result is pretty fresh and an amazing match with hazelnut brown eyes… no?

-Don’t forget to groom your brows to perfection… just get inspired by eyebrow queen Cara Delevingne and start working them brows!


-Mix your mascara: use a black coloured mascara on your upper lashes and a brown one to add more definition to your lower lashes 

Dear Montasar and Alexandra, my sincerest thanks go out to you for having offered me the chance to be exquisite in Dior. Not in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined to be dressed from head to toe in the divine creations of Raf Simons for Dior.

WEARING: head to toe Dior 

Pictures in the Dior Suite by Benjamin Decoin

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