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Luisa Via Roma: Punks not Dead

Door Tiany op 05.07.2013

Guess the ever so talked about dress code at the Met Ball launched the entire Punk revival theme or maybe Karl Lagerfelds’ tartans at the Chanel Art & Métiers show set the global Punk inspiration on fire. I’m not entirely sure, but what I can affirm is that Luisa Via Roma’s 7th edition was fully dedicated to Punks not being dead. And whilst the Sex Pistols blasted out of the speakers, I managed to get totally PUNKED OUT.

A short intermezzo containing a quizzical matter: how many Punks did I mention in the paragraph above? Your computer might explode now if you don’t get that answer right!

Obviously one of my not so amusing jokes and so far for my intro… May I present you to the second look I managed to fabricate during my second Style Lab

I guess it was love at first sight, the minute I saw the Fausto maxi Tartan skirt I just went fashion ballistic. Additions to this magnificent piece did not require much more than the official Firenze 4 Ever T-shirt, which is now mine to wear and will become one of my wardrobe staples for sure!

I however decided to go into accessory extravaganza with one of the exceptional head pieces of Italian based designer Gilbert Halaby, whom I’ve been a fan of for quite a while. It’s perhaps not entirely a functional piece at all, but it just provided my outfit with the finishing touch it needed and to me fashion is about pushing boundaries, certainly if a shop like Luisa Via Roma offers you the chance to play with their entire fashion stock.

Bring on the comments as I’m really curious of how you feel about a Punked out Kirilove.

Me wearing fur in like 40 degrees..... crazy it is!

WEARING:  Fausto Puglisi Tartan Long Skirt, Luisa Via Rome Printed T-shirt, Casadei Lace Up Boots and Gilbert Halaby Headpiece.

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