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Luisa Via Roma: Style Lab numero uno

Door Tiany op 02.07.2013

It's been a week or two and I'm running late on about my entire life & agenda... SORRY once more for that, but I've been rushing from here to there and somehow the writing part has gone missing... 

But here I am, ready to reveal my first Style Lab during the amazing 7the edition of the Luisa Via Roma event.

Imagine an entire shop full of designer eye candy being put at your disposal, a legion of make-up artists and hairdressers all very eager to make you picture perfect, a very personal Luisa Via Roma assistant and a photographer that is more than snap ready. This pretty much sums up what a Style Lab stands for and to be honest I wish it would’ve never come to an end… as I really had no problems with trying on the entire shop.

I managed to squeeze 3 shoots into my afternoon of stylings and this is the very first look. I figured out I’m me on a daily base, so I decided to go on a fashion odyssey and experiment with the mind-boggling fashion goodness that’s available at Luisa Via Roma. This first outfit was actually built up around the neck piece which fascinated me from the very first glance because of it’s ethnic looks… I decided to go Bollywood all the way and bumped into this Jacquard and lace dress which turned out to be -according to me- the perfect match to my exclusive neck ornament

When talking shoes, you actually do get to wear the many fabulous pumps that are available at Luisa Via Roma. These babies are secured with layers of tape just to avoid the soles from getting scratches, as we unfortunately have to return them in perfect condition… So far for me trying to explain why I’m dialing J*I*M*M*Y C*H*O*O in this picture .

WEARING: Ekaterina Kukhareva dress, Anita Qunasah London neck ornament and Jimmy Choo pumps

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