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The Kirilove/McCartney saga continues

Door Tiany op 23.05.2013

I have a fashion disorder, it’s official and I might need some rehab… there, I said it! I feel enlightened now as admitting your problem is part of the solution, no?

So I manage to contain myself for weeks just for the sake of not spending too much money on fashion and just in a matter of minutes I sometimes make the craziest splurges. I just loose all control and go fashion ballistic, it’s totally ridiculous… but nevertheless very satisfying I guess.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to visit the Smets shop in Luxembourg and solemnly promised myself I would not sin. In ended up in the Smets Swimming Pool shop which is impressive and divine and total danger zone considering the fact it houses brands such as Miu Miu, Givenchy, Carven, Stella McCartney, Chloé and so much more… I had promised myself no crazy splurges, till I bumped into this delightful, strapless, printed cat suit, which despite it’s dropped crotch (which actually makes me look even shorter), attracted my full attention immediately. In just a matter of seconds I found myself draped in the satin delight and what happens after that is kind of a blur… fact is I end up back on the street with a lovely little Smets bag in one hand and a satisfied grin on the face! Oops I did it again...


But then again we're talking Stella McCartney and I simply have this great affection for everything she creates, I somehow also believe that buying her will help me improve all types of environmental problems around the world, or is this mind twist just 1 bridge too far?

WEARING: Stella McCartney jumpsuit, Radà collar, Peter Pilotto for Kirkwood shoes, Love bracelet by Cartier

Pics by Charlotte at The Eclectics

Make-up by M.A.C

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