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The artistic adventures of the mini-me

Door Tiany op 30.04.2013

I’ve been having loads of fun with the mini-me lately and French classic Petit Bateau has something to do with it as they offered us one of the most memorable experiences. The girls and I were invited to Paris about a week and a half ago and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. “Les Peinturlures” however turned out to be everything and more as a bunch of kids were gathered in one totally blanked out PB shop. A white canvas on which the invited mini’s were allowed to go wild to the orchestrated guidelines of French author and illustrator Hervé Tullet. Eloise and Yelena had the time of their lives as they painted circles, dots and stripes on usually forbidden walls… the sight was pretty much worth a million and to my delight all captured by various camera’s… you should’ve seen them wobbling around, snapping my Petit Bateau moments away.

The result was rather astonishing as the kids really managed to turn the white store into a little work of art… The Color Shop has ever since been open to the public offering the iconic brand products: T-shirts and underwear in a wide range of colors. It’s a pop-up store and if you by any chance wish to see what a bunch of kids are capable of, please don’t hesitate to visit the cutest Petit Bateau shop ever in the Rue du 29 Juillet in Paris.

Mini-me are wearing Anne Kurris and COS dress

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