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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe in between Louis Vuittons

Door Tiany op 25.04.2013

Louis Vuitton marvels me more than I ever thought it would. I’m really not the logotype, but still have become totally hypnotized by the very iconic monogram


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Some might find the LV logo too opulent and too recognizable, but over the years it has managed to captivate me. Guess it took me a while to realize that some classics just never will outdate and that the iconic LV comes with a certain kind of magic and heritage that nowadays seems to be conquering the world more than ever before.

I from my side have become pretty hooked on the brand and am totally eager to learn even more about la Maison Louis Vuitton…Last years’ amazing expo was a great start and offered me an insight on the fabulous tradition of malleterie and on how Mister Marc Jacobs has transformed the maison over the past 15 years, whilst respecting its roots.

No need to tell you that I’m a bag lady –besides having a chronic addiction to shoes - I like to invest in pretty designer bags that will last a lifetime and will eventually become part of my heritage, or at least that's the excuse I tend to use to persuade my soul. My first designer bag was gifted to me about 15 years ago and to be honest, designer bags have turned out to be kind of infectious. Dangerous indeed, but on the other hand you end up with a collection that makes you beam with pleasure... trust me on that!

My latest obsessions are modestly sized and actually also modestly priced, which is a good thing for a fashion lovin’ lady like me as this keeps pretty things from being impossible. So ladies, I hereby introduce you to the legendary Alma Mini, which has been miniaturized and therefor become the object of my latest affection. But that’s not all, because along came the Monceau BB and another sudden case of Louis Vuitton crush has been conceived…

And as if it weren’t enough my dear little heart has fallen totally in love with the Noé, which is in fact one of the many Louis Vuitton classic bags brought back to life.  Noé is what you call a ‘bucket bag’ and was originally designed back in the days to carry 5 champagne bottles.

I predict a mayor bestseller and find myself torn as I’m totally undecided and not capable of choosing in between these three beauties… What would you do?


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