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Time to Dodo

Door Tiany op 24.04.2013

My next save-up plan will be dedicated to the mini-me, as after seeing the Dodo Fall Winter collection 2013 I have decided to finally treat my girls to their very first Dodo bracelet.

The new Dodo signs for fall/winter 2013, presented to press in the most beautiful way...


The concept is simple, genius and great; you start off with a bracelet and just add charms or the Dodo beads in gold or silver. Every single Dodo bracelet becomes unique and totally customized to the person wearing it as the lucky charms in the form of animals each stand for a certain meaning… You can totally adapt your bracelet to a period in time and grow old with it holding on to the many memories attached to each and every charm, totally my type of jewel.

Milan, Paris, London and New York will also become an object of affection and a lovely Dodo memory, soon available in stores.


Too cute to handle don't you think?

Just check it out via and fall in love with the lovely Dodo story

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