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Botanical Galore by SNDCT and Masha Reva

Door Tiany op 23.03.2013

I must have moved heaven and earth to be able to get my hands on the magnificent Masha Reva sweater from Polish brand SNDCT. And I admit having been a tad bit obsessed… for what it’s worth, perhaps raving mad & totally gone fashion lunatic might make a better description…

The swirl of botanical flowers had my heart going into fashion overdrive from the very second I saw it in a magazine like months ago. Apparently I was not on my own as the pretty little jumpers sold out in just a matter of days.  



Somehow the cosmos decided to be on my side and after a series of polite though probably irritating systematic mailings that kind of had the allures of stalking, the peeps at SNDCT decided that my perseverance was worth a small re-edition. And that folks, is how I actually managed to buy one of these amazing sweaters.

It arrived just on time for my Paris Fashion Week adventures and totally completed my botanical master plan.

Now, I’m not the type of girl that wishes to torture you with pretty looking things just to break out the bad news that it’s no longer available so I prayed to that same cosmos that granted me my botanical cotton wonder for a shop of utter taste to stock these beauties… I will no longer keep you in suspense and baffle you with the fact that the lovely Brussels boutique Hunting & Collecting are currently stocking a selection of the very limited Masha Reva sweats for SNDCT.

Run and don’t walk as the prices are extremely reasonable and the looks far beyond cool…

SNDCT & Masha Reva now available at Hunting & Collecting.

WEARING: H&M Conscious Collection trousers, Masha Reva for SNDCT jumper, COS jacket, EK Thongsprasert necklace, Delvaux Le Madame and the most amazing white Christian Louboutin pointy pumps I've ever seen...

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