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Comme une Parisienne

Door Tiany op 21.03.2013

There’s this 1 city I’ve always dreamed of living in and that is definitely Paris… Every time I visit the city I fancy being some kind of Parisienne with a little baguette in one hand and une petite cigarette in the other… not quite a healthy thought and perhaps a little cliché, but hey… it’s my fantasy just having a lovely Parisian break.


I just love Paris; I love the light reflected by the city, the incredible decors, the monumental buildings, the romantic vibe, the slight arrogance of Parisian peeps, the crazy taxi chauffeurs and the fact you can shop the creations of every single designer you might crave. I really just love Paris...


Ever since the September 2012 edition of Paris Fashion Week, I decided I’d no longer stay in a hotel, just for the sole purpose of feeling a tiny bit more Parisian… so along came March and a new fashion week, which pretty much had me surfing the web for a decent apartment in Paris. That’s how I bumped into Wimdu, which basically is a huge database of all kinds of places to stay. From très luxurious to a basic pied-à-terre, every mayor city in Europe has been covered by this site, which makes it a piece of cake to find a lovely bed for a night, a week or a month.

In just a matter of seconds I became the temporary new owner of a Parisian apartment in the very trendy Le Marais… le voilà, yet another dream come true even if it were for only 1 week…

Presenting you a series of 'artistic' from where I stand pics taken at my Parisian crib.

Things to Do:

Colette and Merci are always good plans...

- Have a lovely organic lunch at Claus or Rose Bakery in the Rue Debelleyme.

- Get lost in Marché Paul Bert and find that lovely vintage Chanel bracelet you have been dreaming of.

- Shop 'till you drop in the pretty little boutiques of the Rue Vielle du Temple or the Rue de Charonne. My favorite is French Trotters, a lovely shop for the entire family.

- Contemplate and drool over the mind boggling designer selection of L’Eclaireur.

- Have a very Parisian meal at Chez Julien or enjoy the great cocktails at Ferdi in the Rue du Mont Thabor number 32.

- Don’t forget the Galerie de Montpensier, which houses a Stella McCartney, Acne, Marc Jacobs and Pierre Hardy flagship store. You can also always indulge into some slightly overpriced vintage at Didier Ludot.

- Check the taxidermic art of Maison Deyrolle.


- Shop vintage at Thanks God I’m a V.I.P

and certainly don't forget that....

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