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Kirilove & the EosM camera

Door Tiany op 05.02.2013

EosM and I have been on testing terms for a while now. We started of as strangers as I’m very much fond of my Canon 600D reflex camera, however we have become very intimate lately. I’ve been a Canon adept for years and will not start a discussion on whether it’s the best camera brand yes or no… to me it is and to me, the possibilities are endless.

This compact little ‘thing’ has it all, even the capability to adapt lenses which makes photography interesting in every way… I’m starting to sound like a pro, but truth is I’m a total nitwit with a big fascination for all things photography… so that’s when this compact good looking cam comes in handy as truckloads of presets and filters have been added to make it multi functional and easy peasy to make even the lousiest of pics look good.

Add an external flashlight, a touchscreen, the capability to adapt your ISO up to 13400 & a camera for moving images and you have what I call an ideal partner in picture perfect crime that will also fit into that lovely new Proenza Schouler bag of yours. What else could you wish for?  

Some fabulous snaps with the EosM during my holidays...



Pics taken with the Canon EosM

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