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Hugo Rocks Berlin

Door Tiany op 17.01.2013

HUGO BOSS is one of those legendary brands known by probably every single soul on the face of this planet and even though it’s German to the bone… I think I’m entitled to say that it’s kind of Belgian too. Well at least in the case of HUGO it is. First of all, the creative director behind the collections is Belgian talent Bart De Backer and then there’s Tom Van Dorpe, one of Belgium’s most wanted stylists.

About half a year ago I attended –together with the likes of Kate Bosworth - the SS2013 fashion show in Berlin and tonight the catwalk is on again as HUGO rocks Berlin. But before we start thinking once more about fluffy wool and warm coats… let’s dream away with yet another refreshing collection inspired by my biggest addiction the Internet…

My biggest addiction

Bart De Backer: “Internet was my inspiration, that’s why I called this collection ‘my new reality’. It’s about bringing virtual and real life together and I tried to showcase this by using futuristic details & materials in the creations and experimenting with high tech cuts and new proportions.”

The man shares my love for cutout backs!

Bart De Backer: “Back cutouts are sexy and unexpected and so much sophisticated than a breast décolleté according to me, I really enjoyed giving my collection this unexpected twist.”


HUGO keeps it classic

Bart De Backer: “HUGO has a great heritage, we’re celebrating our 20th year in 2013 and when you think of HUGO you think of classy and elegant collections. I love showcasing classic ideas and giving them a twist, in this case a futuristic one. I also love working with male references, these give female fashion an extremely sexy touch and tailoring is the type of thing I adore doing… I like to speak of the HUGO lady as a sophisticated rebel.”


Bart De Backer: “It is so much more interesting to work in one color, it just requires more attention. It’s also a HUGO staple and according to me extremely elegant.”

The Social Media Buzz…

Bart De Backer“We’re totally into social media and the Internet, that’s why we do all kinds of efforts to live stream every single show. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you can download every single Hugo soundtrack on the blog. Social media is just too exciting and important to leave aside and it brings us together with very exciting fashion loving people/bloggers.”

Follow the LIVE stream of the FW2013 HUGO show tonight at 08:30 PM

Frontal images by Examiner

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