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The Sansevieria chronicles

Door Tiany op 16.01.2013

I did it again… I’ve been craving the Paule Ka ‘Sansevieria’ jumper ever since I saw it during the press days back in April 2012. The lovely peeps at pressroom Tandem were however not sure Paule Ka would put this beauty into production…

My dreaming about the so-called mother-in-law’s tongue print on my breast was crashed to pieces till somewhere in September, I was assured the jumper had made it to the flagship stores… time passed by, I never managed to make it to the shop and I somehow forgot until a week or so ago, when the lovely Karen questioned me if I had managed to buy the jumper… my heart skipped a beat and before I knew it I was dialing the Brussels boutique number and ordering the sweater of my dreams by phone… I kid you not! I managed to score it half price, which made the good news even better. Maybe it’s just another story of destiny or let’s just call it good fashion karma…

There’s something about wearing this very traditional Belgian houseplant print, I mean, the plant is a classic, an icon and it’s often spotted on windowsills along the roads. Quite funny and nostalgic… I guess.

Don't forget to look up... things can look amazing up there!

I’m pretty much sure we’ll have a great future together and I have already invented different cerebral outfits and situations of me wearing my already very beloved Paula Ka goodie.

Many thanks to Kamel from whom was so kind to find some time to take these pics of me. Check out his website for some inspiring and joyful images.

Fashion can give you happy moments of joy I guess...

WEARING: Paule Ka sweater, Paule Ka coat, Paule Ka pumps, Sonia Rykiel dress as a skirt and Zara beanie

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