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The Hotel Diaries

Door Tiany op 09.01.2013

The countdown to fashion weeks has started and you're probably not aware of the fact that we are already crazy busy trying to fetch accreditations to attend the truckloads of shows. I live in hotels during these weeks and find it really important to at least have some kind of cozy feeling and a strategically well-located place to live for a while…

Not so very long ago, I decided to find myself a nice place on the very cozy so-called Rive Gauche in Paris, not very far away from the charming Rue de Sèvre and the extremely tempting Le Bon Marché. And pretty much in the middle of today’s fashion epicenter as a lot of shows have moved to venues on the charming left bank…

The story above & below has me depicting my hotel life during fashion weeks… either going totally ballistic, jumping on beds because the Chanel invite came in, on the phone, or typing my hotel pauses away, trying to live up to the gazillion deadlines.


My thanks and gratitude goes to Kamel from whom was so kind to find some time to take these pics of me. Check out his website for some inspiring and joyful images.

WEARING: Sonia Rykiel polkadot dress & blouse, beanie, Aymara scarf, Paule Ka pumps, Cartier Love Bracelet.

Wanna have a lovely stay in a lovely and cozy hotel check Hotel des Académies et des Arts

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