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Belly Flaunting Kirilove

Door Tiany op 26.12.2012

To hell with those low waist jeans… I’m back on the super high waist track and finally totally loving the curves I’m flaunting… I’m a ‘guitarra’…read: the curvy type with hips and a booty and not entirely the easiest model to satisfy when talking jeans, but I’m pretty much sure I’ve found my ‘jeans mojo’.

So a couple of weeks ago I was invited by Diesel to experience their newest jeans sensations whilst getting the lovely advice of Dutch stylist Saskia… I ended up buying the so-called Highkee jeans and ever since it has pretty much been strapped around my legs continuously. Which is in fact quite odd, as I’m not your typical jeans lady and as I’m not that much into black!

You see, again another reason to ‘Never say Never’, I learned this ages ago, long before Mister Bieber started chanting about it and earning truckloads with my ever so profound philosophy!

So voila… please behold the darker side of mehigh waisted, belly & booty flaunting… and all ready to rock! I'd say get ur freak on girls!

WEARING: HighKee Diesel jeans, Diesel long top, Diesel fluffy sweater and Marni sandals

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