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From Dodo with Love!

Door Tiany op 21.12.2012

It’s all about Love: for nature, for humankind, for yourself and each other.” It’s also that overwhelming love & respect for nature that triggered the naming of Pomellato’s playful and full of joy collection: Dodo.

Named after an extinct flightless bird with a stout body and stumpy little wings, The Italian Dodo started out as your lucky charms brand offering a wide range of gold, silver and lamé rose gold charms depicting all kinds of wild life animals. Dodo is the kind of brand that inspires to collect and has us picking up this long lost tradition of our granny’s... for all I know at some point collected an entire set of silverware, year after year… how romantic is that? We’re so used to Ikea that our cutlery has totally no meaning at all, so bring on the lovely & cute jewels and let's just move on to that... no?

The different Dodo symbols and what they stand for.


I attended an exceptional evening in Milan, which captured in a nutshell the message of utter Love that Dodo wants to spread amongst their lovers. The Dodo experience worked wonders as I’m now totally captivated by their ab fab “Little Letters” collection. A new little addiction that will probably turn out to be a big collection and that someday I’ll be able to pass on to the mini-me’s… how’s that for spreading the Love?

Just sayin’… it might be the ideal x-mas gift, I know I’d be delighted to open a Dodo package containing the Little Letters collection

Play with Dodo: check out their site and find out which Dodo you are... keep me posted!

And in case you were wondering what a girl like me wears to such an event.... tadaa! Truckloads of Essentiel sequins!

all pictures were taken with the Canon EOS M... aka Genertaion M

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