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Monochromatic Me

Door Tiany op 16.12.2012

I’m a total fashion trends whore, how’s that for a statement! If Miuccia decides goofy looking Geisha shoes are the next big thing, then I’ll wear them. If Anna Dello Russo promotes wildlife on her head, chances are you’ll spot me flaunting a bird head band a couple of days after and just because Marc Jacobs decided we should look like a shuffled set of domino stones, I have started eliminating my entire over the top neon wardrobe… drop by, you might just catch some goodies flying out the doors & windows!

Ok just kidding, truth is I love looking different and over the years I’ve sported 1001 styles, my looks have evolved, changed, they have been surprising in many occasions. However, I do plead guilty to fashion no no moments and have therefor an entire repertoire of ‘what was I thinking outfits’... but then again I live by the philosophy “If I risk and fail, will I die? No… then risk!”

So here I am, looking all monochromatic in my extremely comfy leather leggings, which has become a basic in my daily apparel. I do realize I don’t exactly own the longest legs on the face of the planet of this earth and yes, probably a pair of stilettos would’ve lengthened my silhouette, but I still thought it would be a great idea to do skinny and a set of loafers. 

Besides, if you combine the whole shabam with an oversized male-ish kind of coat, you get to shuffle a bit around with the proportions and the entire ensemble ends up looking great according to me.

We all come in different shapes and sizes and it all just boils down to this: be comfy & happy with who you are, try to build up a sense of self-confidence and just experiment with fashion in ways that please in the first place yourself!

Spread the Fashion Love sweeties!

WEARING: Hale Bob Leather leggingsProenza Schouler jumper available at SmetsCOS coatTommy Hilfiger loafersShourouk necklace via Sugar For Your Closet & Dondup bag.

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