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Louboutin Galore @ Smets

Door Tiany op 14.12.2012

Just in case you spent the past days in some God forgotten grotto, let me please inform you that the very desired red soles of Louboutin are now available in the fashion heavens of Smets. The selection is mind-boggling and ranges from the classic Pigalle shoe to the eccentricity of a with spikes embellished 15 cm Louboutin stiletto…

I attended the Smets/Louboutin launch event and experienced women going totally ballistic over the fanciest of heels. Loubi’s are the Rolls Royce of shoes and have this whimsical effect on ladies worldwide… From the likes of JLo to the girl next door who’ll save up to own that one pair of black patent stiletto’s.

The magic of Louboutin is pretty much amazing!

I had the luck to be able to talk to the shoe genius twice and according to Mr. Louboutin himself, his shoes are a combination of a little bit of pain & an extreme amount of pleasure… Exactly that wicked combination has us ladies going wild… I for sure know what the man is talking about and can only admit to the fact that I often find myself saving up for an ab fab pair of Loubi’s… now massively available chez Smets in the most outrageous styles… #swoon

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