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Some Sugar For Your Closet

Door Tiany op 12.12.2012

Let it be clear... I love to support young talent and try to do this in each and every possible way... one of these 'ways’ is writing about them, but that doesn’t pay their bills, so investing in them -when possible- is just one of my other methods. So I just blame my money-spending-habits on me being a "methodical" person, that seems to sound just a little bit more acceptable... no?

There's this girl called Joke, she launched this amazing website some while ago: Sugar For Your Closet… a little piece of heaven on earth when it comes to accessories and I guess just another excuse to go totally crazy on the Visa overkill.

I have been collecting the Sugar For Your Closet goodies for a while now... not only because she has this exceptional taste in the most mind-boggling jewelry, but also because she has this lovely drive to make it on her own. Sugar For Your Closet stocks the most appealing daily must-haves that will make your every day looks just that tad bit more original & exclusive. My first buy was the Mawi/Alexa necklace, which was back then an investment, but still remains an amazing eye catcher and just the perfect addition to my random looks. The minute Joke announced she would be selling Shourouk, my heart did not only skip a beat, but it started giving impulses to my brains to start saving up in order to be able to pre-order the whole shabam…  

Over the past weeks, the goodies have been arriving and I’m as happy as a bumblebee in a jar of biological honey! Never mind my bank account, it’s probably having some nervous breakdown, but I try to console it with the philosophy that it’s supporting local economy and making me look all bling-a-licious

WEARING: H&M Conscious dress, Sugar For Your Closet Shourouk necklaces and Melanie Auld earrings

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