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All the pretty Firenze4Ever memories & introducing Halaby

Door Tiany op 26.11.2012

It has been 5 months ever since my Firenze 4 Ever experience at the magnificent high end boutique Luisa Via Roma, which by the way has this great online shop with all year round free deliveries.

I had a great 4 days stay in lovely & boiling hot Firenze and really made some great acquaintances with amazing & inspiring peeps I will never forget and still manage to bump into or meet with every now and then… thanks heavens for Instagram, just to keep track of the likes of Aimee, Zanita, Andy, Wendy, the Fashiolista ladies, Anna, Jessica, the delightful guys of Gnambox and so many more.


I also met some very talented designers and actually still am enjoying their inspirational creations.

So yes, if you get the chance to be part of this experience, then go for it I’d say… not because it might expand your blog’s reach, as that part of the job still is a result of your efforts, but because of the lovely & heart-warming encounters.

Just for the sake of good memories and to introduce you to a talented young designer I hereby present you to a series of shots that had not been published before. Guess I was waiting for just the perfect moment to promote this amazing long velvet dress and the wicked accessory creations of Italy based designer Gilbert Halaby. Gilbert started designing in 2004 after having been inspired by a jeweler in Paris. By 2005 he had opened a store in Rome stocking his fabulous bags and statement jewelry. His designs are unique and bold and manufactured with unusual materials and techniques. They attract exceptional ladies with a pronounced and audacious sense of style and give your outfit the type of elegant edge every woman loves to have.

Check out Halabi's online boutique, where you can find a wide selection of his creations including some great affordable must-have pieces.

WEARING: Maria Lucia Hohan velvet dress and Halaby headpiece

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