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Dream 3478: project C.H.A.N.E.L

Door Tiany op 23.11.2012

Let's classify it as dream 3478, as I often seem to have the wildest of dreams about the craziest and most ridiculously expensive things. Once more, working in fashion makes you greedy and makes you want all these things normal people just couldn’t care about… I know and still... I want, long for, desire so many pretty things that will probably not make this world a better place nor stop wars from happening. However, the things I die for will not be conceived by little childs hands nor by people working consecutive hours in the shabbiest conditions... which is good, no? And well, after all... I'm just a fashionista and not the next Miss Universe proclaming she dreams of world peace... but don't we all do?!

So, here I am stuck with wish nr. 3478 which once more happens to be Chanel’s Little Black Jacket. Story is that Chanel offered me the chance to wear it for a total amount of 10 hours and 37 minutes -excuse me the best 10 hours and 37 minutes in my fashion history ever- for this special project celebrating the launch of the LBJ expo in Paris.

This box sealed with Chanel duck tape arrived at our office and instantly brightened my day. The contents? A Little Black Jacket, some Chanel cuffs and this lovely necklace which I effortlessly managed to style with ehhh…everything!

Did the LBJ make me feel better? Yes. Was it compatible with my entire wardrobe? Check!

Did I have the urge to take it off and send it back? No, in fact, I briefly considered disappearing from the radar with the entire content of the Chanel box… but instead ended up giving le tout a kiss goodbye and promising myself a Chanel LBJ saving fund, which of course will be accepting all kinds of donations.

If in the years to come you see me eating no more than a bowl of rice (like sushi without the fish right?), don’t be fooled, I will not be on a diet… I’ll just be saving up for dream nr 3478… 

WEARING:  Chanel Little Black Jacket, Zara flower sweater and red skirt, Gianvitto Rossi shoes available at Coccodrillo, Swarovski earrings, Chanel cuff, Cartier Love Bracelet, fake fur scarf and vintage hat

Respect and muchos kudos & love to Mister Mous Lamrabat for the pics en Gino Beeckman for the make-up.... 

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