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In HIS jacket: Margiela with H&M

Door Tiany op 22.11.2012

It's the after the storm and guess what? H&M once again managed to make even the more conceptual likes of the niche Margiela designs a hit amongst their customers. A week after the launch and the Brussels branch of H&M has not much more than 1 rack with a selection of dresses and a couple of shelves with boxes of shoes, unfortunately either a size 37 or 41.

So, guess that against all odds and comments this collection did cause a great commotion, H&M once more succeeded in making the not so plausible…. possible and I applaud them for that!

I myself was part of the hype & hysteria and even ended up falling in love with a jacket from the men’s collection, added the bra body to my closet and am now the proud owner of a selection of accessories. I guess I’m just a sucker for all things hyped

I have great plans for my belted jacket and am pretty much sure we’ll be having a great future together...

Totally curious about your Margiela catches so bring on the comments! 

WEARING: Clothes and accessories all Margiela with H&M and Isabel Marant boots available at Bluepoint.

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