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Reminiscing my O’Neill days

Door Tiany op 19.11.2012

There are certain experiences you encounter in life that you’ll carry on forever in your heart and may I just say that my trip with O’Neill to Santa Cruz was all that. I’ve been travelling for quite a while now, running on stiletto’s and wondering what next to wear…however the invitation to O’Neill’s Cold Water Classic was quite an exception to my fashionista existence as I spent most of my days wearing hoodies, flats and wetsuits.

The smile upon my face, gave away the carefree reality I had the chance to experience. I actually managed to escape my little rat race days and really believe the essence of “hang loose” has got a hold of me…

I all of a sudden felt the urge to exchange my vast collection of shoes for no more than a “Techno Butter” wetsuit, a long board and the beautiful scenery of Santa Cruz and it’s heavenly swell. I experienced the joys of nature and the fact life can be pretty easy when you give in and decide to just go with the flow…

I miss waking up to the sound of waves & seals barking in the distance. I still feel my heart skipping a beat when the amazing memory of me riding a wave passes through my brains and the addiction caused by this conquer still remains... even though my arms were killing me because of the paddling and my back experienced muscles I had no idea were existing, I kept on going back in the pursuit of some Santa Cruz waves

Surfing is one of those sports that can’t be controlled by mankind, even when talking competitions such as the yearly O’Neill Cold Water Classic where the topnotch of surfing celebrity relies on what nature has to offer.

No swell and the competition is off… hang loose all the way, but once the league of cute looking surfers hit the waves; the heat is on!  Don’t question me on the exact technicality of the sport, as I still need some learning to do. But fact is… it is cool all the way and pure to the core… It’s just you, your board and the great unpredictable sea.  

Santa Cruz oozes these very laid back vibes. It's kids enjoying the multiple rays of light, moms on longboards behind their strollers, surfer chiks & dudes chilling... even the cruiser bikes have you slowing down a bit and have you enjoying the pretty sights. It was one hell of an experience and I once more wish to thank O'Neill for sharing their love & passion!   

Hangin' loose with fellow journalists Julia & Seb and Mister O'Neill aka Sascha

I’ll be talking about neoprene in my next O’Neill post as I’m totally hooked and intrigued by the invention of Jack O’Neill who -back in the days- decided to create something to be able to stay as long as he could in the cold Santa Cruz waters. His unstoppable passion for surfing led to the greatest invention in waterworld. Pretty much amazing how the wetsuit came along and how O’Neill has managed to make these perfect exemplars that keep you hot in otherwise freezing cold situations... Trust me I survived and I’m pretty much of a chilly person!


Just in case you wanna feel a bit of the Santa Cruz sun check this O'Neill Cold Water Classic video... peace out and stay tuned!

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