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Kiriloving Margiela with H&M

Door Tiany op 15.11.2012

Probably not the easiest collab to hit stores but for sure a must as it’s an entire arsenal of fashion history you’ll be introducing into your closet. Call it nostalgia, absolute fashion addiction or a bit of chauvinism… but truth is I really dig the entire Margiela with H&M collection. Perhaps not always entire flattering and ‘conceptual’ as in architectural, but hell yeah… standing on the red carpet during the New York launch and watching all these celebs flaunt the various Margiela with H&M looks just had me craving for more!

Guess it’s the fit that will make it all worth your while and the fact that these re-editions are actually real copies of what was once launched before, provided with their creative names and the season they were conceived in. Luckily the prices will have nothing to do with the usual MMM pricing, which means that instead of cashmere we’ll be talking wool and instead of Swarovski stones you’ll have to deal with rhinestones, something I can pretty much relate to.

It has become a tradition and this year is no exception, so I hereby introduce you to a small take on a selection of Margiela items styled by moi… not that they needed that much styling, but just a small idea of how I would wear some of the less obvious pieces… I even managed to fall in love with a couple of styles for men…

Wondering what you’ll be wanting to score, so don’t hesitate to share your brain juices with me…

Have a lovely hunt and never mind the catfights!


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