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New York trippin’ in style

Door Tiany op 04.11.2012

There are one too many reasons to return to the city that never sleeps… It’s not only the shopping and the food and the exceptional hotels, but also the people and the never-ending good vibes that have you repeatedly longing for more. New York is exceptional and every time I leave the city, I find myself planning a hopefully soon return.

Let me once more try to tantalize you into buying a ticket to the ever so addictive city of New York.

Hotel Americano provides a lovely stay and the best acerola goodness I've ever tasted!

The Mondrian Soho is a delight for the eyes and well located in Soho!

Lovely food and lovely drinks... check Jeffrey's Grocery.

Still my numero 1 favorite: The John Dory Oyster Bar

A little Mexican taco's at Fonda Nolita or the best ice cream you can have at Van Leeuwen


Love Adorned... just pretty, that's it!

Central Park Bike Rides, still remain the best!

Do it in style…

When travelling, just do it in style and forget about those tacky, comfy jogging pants as they will most definitely not get you an upgrade. Think about the details… a lovely passport holder, a distinguished travelling bag, a dash of make-up, a lovely scarf and yes a comfy though ultra stylish outfit will do the trick.

On the beauty side

I’ve been travelling for ages and totally true, long flights have you looking all worn out in no time. So please do take into account my little piece of beauty advice, as it will have you looking all starlet style, even after 48 hours of flight.

*DRINK truckloads of water and skip the alcohol as it will dehydrate you

*RUB IN: carry-on lotions will help you during a flight. From the minute you enter that plane start rubbing yourself in with body lotion, that means legs, arms and hands.

*FACIAL MASKS: when it comes to your face, just bring on an ultra hydrating mask and leave it on during your flight

*LIP BALM: don't forget to bring on some good old chapstick or whatever you like to use to keep your lips from chapping.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s to collect… meaning collect air miles. Unless you’re loaded, air miles are the one and only thing that will get you those divine upgrades… I must however warn you: Brussels Airlines business is just too good and comes with champagne, fancy food, Neuhaus chocolates and a chair that will flatten entirely and become a comfy bed. In other words, it becomes addictive and chances are you’ll not wanna fly anything else. So get yourself one of those Miles & More Star Alliance cards and start saving up baby!  

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