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My Kirilove Week: Cindy Crawford, plexi boxes galore & LabelLOV

Door Tiany op 27.10.2012

It has been months, as life was kind of hectic, but I'm back with some Instagram galore, just to compile the best of a Kirilove week and well, just in case you'd like to know what I'm up to and in case you're missing out on my biggest addiction aka Instagram

I've been up to quite a lot and travelling perhaps a bit too much, but it's been lovely and along the way I've had some great encounters and bumped into even greater stuff...  behold some of my #instamoments: jobs, shops, family & friends, good times and an encounter with Cindy Crawford!

You guys keep on questioning me about those amazing plexi boxes that I introduced in 'In de Mode', well I bought them at Muji in Paris and they're also available online, although shipping costs are not really on the democratic side... guess it's much easier if you just grab your car and drive to Paris or Cologne where they also have Muji shops and truckloads of plexi boxes to store your lovely accessories. 

To all vintage lovers like moi, check out, just in case you want to invest in something really cool that will spice up your wardrobe or perhaps buy an original vintage Le Madame by Delvaux which is according to the bag of the moment.

Past weekend was also all about stocksales, as most Antwerp based designers put to sale great creations of past seasons. There's still some stocksale activity going on so please just check our agenda and have some great fun shopping around the lovely offerings of discounted designer goodies

Have a lovely weekend you all and don't forget to live, love & laugh!

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