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The mini me strike again: All for Children at H&M

Door Tiany op 25.10.2012

I’m afraid I have to admit that my offspring may have inherited my extended love for fashion. But I wanted to be sure about my little legion of fashionista’s, so I decided to conduct a little experiment… harmless of course but extremely amusing and double the proof that the Yelena and the Eloise will be lost in fashion translation till the end of times… guess that’s the way the fashion blood goes.

So I dropped a bag full of the H&M All for Children collection in their middle and within seconds they were going ballistic over the cutest dresses and skirts. The Eloise wanted to be a flamingo, but continued her styling extravaganza with the likes of a princess over to her own version of Snow White. The Yelena had pure princess bliss on her mind and kept on styling all these different hues of pink to Yelena perfection. So yes, the mini-me did the entire mix & matching on their very own and I only interfered to help them out with buttons and laces... you may call it a severe case of fashionista, in other words... it's gonna cost me a lot of money! 

The proof below portrays the fun they had sporting the lovely All For Children Collection, which besides being too cute for words is also launched yearly to support a good cause.

All for Children is still available in H&M shops across the country. All for Children is a unique collab between H&M and UNICEF that works on protecting the rights of the poorest children on the face of this planet. 25% of the sales price is immediately invested in two projects in India and Bangladesh that improve the quality of life of millions of children and their families. Because every little bit of help counts and because All for Children really works….  

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