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The Margiela with H&M experience

Door Tiany op 24.10.2012

I’m roaming the streets of New York once again and hell yes, I’m glad to be in this ever so energetic city! I’m here this time on a very exclusive invite of H&M as this years’ designer collaboration with the very iconic Maison Martin Margiela was celebrated in New York!

And once more… It was a mind-boggling party and I’m still trying to process it all.

Don’t ask me what time it is, as I’m not very sure, my brains are somewhere in between the jetlag and the evening I just lived through, I still can’t believe what H&M had once more planned for us. I mean, just when you thought you'd seen it all comes this launch in the most exquisite venue I've ever seen!

I have no superlatives that can even describe this amazing event… however, I do have truckloads of pics that might give you an impression of the experience a selected group of journalists worldwide and invitees had the chance to witness.

So here we are in a mind-boggling 9 stories high venue with live dance performances & art on each and every floor. Stylish to the bone, a bit deteriorated or should I say 'pure... And still a perfect match with the Margiela brand.


Ok yes, it's true I'm not totally Belgian, but I'm married to one and I've been... I self proclaimed the Kirilove to an inhabitant of the Belgian's got rollin' style and I'm pretty much honoured to see Belgian talent spreading the fashion love!

The entire event in New York was conceived by the natural born talents of Belgium’s Villa Eugenie. The Flemish dance choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker designed the dance choreography of the performers exercised on the floor smile

Will it be worth your while to cue on November 15?

Hell yeah! The collaboration between H&M and Maison Martin Margiela represents an overview of Margiela’s amazing approach to fashion over the past 23 years. It’s a wide selection of iconic Margiela garments and accessories that has been re-edited to perfection at affordable prices!

Each piece is labeled with a tag referring to the season it was conceived in, they are incredibly accurate to the original ones and give a large public the possibility of owning a garment that is undoubtedly part of fashion history!

Please have a look at the exclusif videoreport!

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