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Showing some KiriLOVE for Jimmy Choo

Door Tiany op 17.10.2012

Lately, I’m totally into stiletto’s… you know the sexy type, the ultra feminine ones with pointy heels that make your curves look seductive and have a jaw dropping effect on a passerby, the killer stiletto’s that have your feet in nearly constant agony and pain, but are totally worth it at the end of the night. The type that -in case of emergency- can also be used as a weapon, to punch some nasty boy’s eyeball out.... Sorry for this horrific intermezzo, but do you get the picture? Allright!


Basically I’m lately crushin’ on all things Jimmy Choo as they have been for ages the unconditional pioneers of sky-high stiletto madness. Last season I was totally obsessed with the Iris shoe, which I sadly enough never managed to get. I learned my lessons and have no longer the intention to miss out on a good pair of heels, so enter the newest object of my affection... portrayed here below and referred to as EXHIBIT nr 1... 

Jimmy Choo Joy in Belgium

Besides their own flagship stores in Antwerp and Brussels, JImmy Choo is also available at Imagine, my favorite shoe shop in Gent as they offer some really to-die-for styles and Azur in Knokke, which stocks the more classic styled -aka the 24:7- JImmy Choo fancy footwear.

WEARING : Damien F Ravn and Jimmy Choo shoes

Good news: Jimmy Choo has this very interesting project that offers you the possibility of becoming one of their 'stylemakers', just tune into their stylemakers site and upload a picture of your pretty little self wearing some Choo shoes and who knows they might just pick you out and crown you as one of their ultimate ‘stylemakers’. The bad news… the Stylemaker title for Antwerp has already been taken by nonetheless than style queen bee Natalie Joos #jealousmuch wink


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