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Kiriloving Style & The City

Door Tiany op 16.10.2012

There are many street style blogs that inspire and offer you truckloads of outfits that make you kind of greedy and have you plundering your bank account in minutes... I mean have you by any chance tried to make a sum of the designer goodies most blogs try to highlight? Please do and you'll come to the conclusion that this or that exciting accessory pic will in real life cost you 4500 euro at the least! Isn't that like too crazy for words? So that's why, I really like tuning into Style and The City, a feel good street style blog with mostly pics of shiny & happy people. The guy behind this blog is called Kamel, he’s French, living in New York and full of energy, enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Trying to send out his message, he manages to capture the fashion scene during unattended moments and surprises us with the most disarming smiles I’ve ever seen.

He’s caught me goofing around on stiletto’s, not always entirely flattering but perfect to just emphasize that fashion should always be about fun!

WEARING: Damien F Ravn dress, Essentiel cap & collar and Aliniiii's Dries Van Noten shoes

WEARING: Marni dress, Dries Van Noten shoes, Delvaux bag, Miu Miu sunglasses

WEARING: vintage dress and coat, Tabitha Simmons shoes

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