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Tutti Frutti the Vivetta way

Door Tiany op 11.10.2012

No, I no longer walk around bare footed, neither do I leave the premises of my home without some kind of fluffy jacket… this is just a belated outfit post of me during my New York Fashion Week adventures.

Fashion to me is bright and colorful, it’s eclectic and divers and all about fun. Guess that’s why I kind of fell in love with Italian brand Vivetta, which is quirky and cute and colorful and bold and yes, I know… I’m no longer 3x7, but well, I guess I’m still entitled to wear a watermelon around my neck if it’s hot and sweaty and if I feel so…no?

So here I am flaunting one of the favorite brands of Elle Italy’s Eva Fontanelli and strutting with my little black basket over the streets of New York.

Check Vivetta’s goodies online, as she’s now stocking the cutest bear dresses and skirts. She also designs these great collars and and wait till you catch a sight of her spring/summer 2013 collection... you might just want to order it all!

Pics taken by the ever so energetic Mister Kamel, I’ve never seen somebody run with so much joy, for the pure sake of captivating all the pretty smiling fashion girls. Please do check his Style And The City site which fills you with instant happiness and provides you inspiration & fashion joy.

WEARING: Vivetta Watermelon dress, H&M earrings, Dries Van Noten sandals, Paule Ka basket, Miu Miu glasses, Cartier Love Bracelet

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