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I’ll have Chanel for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Door Tiany op 09.10.2012

I’m sorry, but unfortunately my vocabulary is not extended enough to come up with superlatives that provide you with a good description of the ever so amazing and already legendary Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 show. I might not be the most objective person, as all things Chanel are always pretty perfect according to me and as I often find myself craving for like the larger part of the entire collection. I hereby also admit, that every once in a while I tend to torture my piggy bank for the good sake of the double C.

So that’s when I started questioning myself: what is it about Chanel that has me eternally star struck and makes me go frantic every now and then? Why do I go totally mad over matelassé and golden chains or what makes tweed à la Coco and these cute little CC buttons so captivating and desirable? Why am I obsessed with Boy and Miroslava’s entire Chanel collection, why do I envy pretty Miss Chung & Lady Leigh Lezark every time I read about another ring a ding dong Chanel delivery? And most important, why am I no exception to this curios case of Chanel-itis?

Well, to provide you with some answers, I guess you just have to be part of the Chanel experience at least once in a lifetime. So just go girls.. save up for that ever so tempting and iconic 2.55, receive it packed in the prettiest black box ever -white ribbon and camellia included- and feel like a  million $ girl… and then be prepared to succumb into one of worlds' loveliest guilty pleasures… sigh!



The ultimate Chanel experience happened to me a week ago as I got invited to attend one of their fabulous shows. I totally forgot to take 1-gazillion pics as the many sights including the gigantic décor of larger than life wind turbines and solar panels in the ever so impressive Grand Palais of Paris overwhelmed me. Sigh again!

La J.Lo with her mini-me and her toy boy...

The models started strutting over the solar panel catwalk to the live beats of The Chromatics in clean-cut creations, in airy and breezy textiles, though provided with the necessary embroidery and embellishment. Chanel logo’s were not present (excepting for the double C in the bathing suit and oversized –I die- hoop bag, but every single outfit had references to the rich fashion history of the maison. To me divine and breathtaking in many ways... Call me a Chanel groupie or a die-hard fan, whatever... I'm just pretty much sure that there's a truckload of talented genius people coordinated by the master creative brain of Kaiser Karl with the sole mission to tribute and continue the greatness once created by Chanel.


On my wishlist... besides Boy -which is constantly on my mind- and the entire catwalk collection are the 3 items below, which are to die for. So if the upcoming months you see me eating bread & butter, you'll immediately know why...

Muchas Gracias Chanel & the Belgian Chanel team for putting a smile upon my face!

and in case you were wondering what I wore... I hereby present you my idea of TRUE BLUE: Fille a Papa shirt, Isolda London skirt, Delvaux bag and Tabitha Simmons shoes.

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