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Kirilove goes LabelLOV

Door Tiany op 04.10.2012

Those of you that have been following me for a while and have been reading about my life in fashion know that I have this very strong affection for all things vintage. Perhaps I’m even entitled to say that I have some kind of addiction, as I never seem to leave a vintage shop without a series of investments. Now there’s good news coming up, probably bad news for my bank account, as our own little country has launched its very own little online vintage luxury e-boutique! Can I see that Mexican wave please!

Ladies, let me introduce you to Labellov, the very first Belgian online shop with vintage designer goodies I’m sure will make your fashionista heart skip a beat or two. Stocking magnificent stuff from the likes of Chanel, Dior, Delvaux, Celine, Ungaro and so much more and offering you beauties that are unique. Ohh yeah, I know, it’s gonna be hard to resist, but just indulge into vintage loveliness…

I hereby strike a pose in one magnificent Dior Couture vest, pure satin, totally original and very unique!

Get it while it's hot ladies!!!

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