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PFW: MAC and the Ann Demeulemeester facial magic

Door Tiany op 30.09.2012

There’s a lot going on during fashion week, not only the shows and the spectacle of divine dressed fashionista’s and streetstyle photographers up front, but also the backstage areas remain intriguing to me. It’s a rumble jumble of models, make-up artists, hairdressers, photographers, journalists, designers, catering and so on, like a beehive filled to the top with diligent contributors to a show.

I’m probably not entirely getting through to you trying to describe this scene, as it is something you somehow have to live, smell and sense. However, I can assure you that it is surprising, inspiring and entertaining in many ways.

There’s mostly one greatest common denominator to be signalized in these backstage areas and that is MAC Cosmetics who sends out their most talented artists to define make-up looks that will travel around the world months to come.

Perhaps these looks are not immediately wearable, but if you were to deconstruct them, you will come along with trends that will be a must! For instance, lets have a look at what Rudi Cremers created for Ann Demeulemeester… perfect prepped skin, pale and mat tones, a dot of lipstick applied with the fingers, no predominant eye shadow hues just an eyebrow that speaks for itself.


According to Rudi, eyebrows should always be coiffed to perfection, “brush them continuously, add a bit of MAC eyebrow pencil and don’t pluck too much!” One of the biggest make-up trends for fall/winter 2012 seems to have a continuation next season. So start saving up them brows ladies, as I’m predicting that filled in brows will still be hot in the spring/summer of 2013!

Your Basic Eyebrow Kit according to Mac


-Before you start tweezing like a mad woman, brush the brow hairs straight up and trim the longer hairs with scissors. Only trim if you have to!

-When talking shape: the front of your brow should be aligned with the upper bridge of your nose. To define your arch, hold a pencil from your nostril along the outer side of your pupil, the spot where the pencil touches the brow is where the arch should come, it’s also about three quarters of the way back from your nose bridge. Then there’s the tail, which follows the angle of your eye and ends where the pencil hits the brow coming from your nostril alongside the outer side of your eye.

-Never pluck above the brow, it will make you look older.

-Fill in the spaces of your brows with a pencil or powder – MAC has a wide range of solutions.

-When talking color: eyebrows usually look best when they’re within one to two shades of your own hair color.

-Accentuate the arch by using a highlighter underneath the brow

-Always finish up with some MAC eyebrow gel, this helps keep the hairs and color  stay in place.

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