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The Divinity of Dries

Door Tiany op 29.09.2012

It’s been a crazy 3 days of Paris Fashion Week running around on stiletto’s for the sake of longer legs and just because AdR says so. According to her, fashion is not supposed to be comfortable and I tend to say Amen to that! Besides, I’ve been living half of my life on high heels and I’m not planning to change anything about it for the sake of comfort… I manage to take metro’s, run after taxi’s and cover the necessary shows just quite well that way. I am however very sure someday a doc will come along and forbid me my entire collection of shoes, so I'd better enjoy it while it lasts... no?

So, Wednesday was all about Dries Van Noten -along with the likes of Consuelo- one of my favorite designers on the face of the planet of this earth. Each and every season I save up to buy a pair of his ab fab shoes and I’m a regular at his stocksales. So once more, I was totally frantic about being able to attend his show. 

Mister Van Noten is undoubtedly the king of mix n’ match and manages to seamlessly blend patterns and tissues no other being would ever have dreamt of. He has been exploring masculine/feminine references ever since I can recall, making it his signature aesthetic and redefining it season after season.

The first silhouette set the tone of the collection and had me reminiscing my entire grunge youth, it was Kurt Cobain and Smells Like Teen Spirit revived, but in a coutouresque way... Grunge DeLuxe as I would say! But then again, it requires a master to turn this inspiration into an entire collection of luscious and to die for designs.

Check print mousseline, organza and even lame tissues where combined with items often entirely encrusted with Van Noten’s signature flowers and styled to perfection with the most amazing plaid print stiletto’s I’ve ever witnessed... 

Dixit Dries “Nothing is at it seems”. Indeed, when you have the Dries touch you manage to place everything in an entire new context and before you know it you have witnessed yet another perfect combo of day and eveningwear, menswear redefined to a female body and totally down to earth but with a pinch of couture designs… God I love Belgians!

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