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The ADR at H&M Files: Kirilovus-Artemis

Door Tiany op 25.09.2012

So you thought that the ADR at H&M collection would be to too outrageous for you, well then think again as lady Anna managed to design a collection versatile all the way. Once more I flirt with another personality and launch myself into Greek Goddess Goodness... May I introduce you to the Artemis in me: guardian of the hunt, wild fauna and unexplored places. Wild and free, pretty much just like me...

No further explanation, just some more fun lovin' ADR action from my side and well, I'm expecting you to be some kind of pur sang fashionista, comprehending the message I try to bring thee.

WEARING: Magdalena SS 2013 dress, ADR glasses, necklace, earrings and bracelet, LOVE bracelet by Cartier.

Special Thanxxx:

Pictures: Mous Lamrabat

Make-up: Laura Noben for YSL

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