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NYFW : Lady D!

Door Tiany op 20.09.2012

I’m pretty much fascinated with all things fashion, but one lady in specific has me suspecting that fashion just might be larger than life… Diane Von Furstenberg is this utterly graceful appearance, inspiring in many ways and stylish to the bone. I’ve been meeting her for a couple of years now and I still feel like a baby girl in her presence. I love the way she still struts on her sky-high stiletto’s as if she was born on them and how she persists on having smiley models on the catwalk.


I love her beauty aesthetics and the creations resulting out of her fashion brains and I’m just totally crazy about the fact she’s been totally into technology and perhaps one of the first to turn a fashion imperium into a 2.0 proof world. She was just a step ahead when everything started on Facebook and she has been on Twitter for quite a while now. She has her own YouTube channel with all possible fun video's and yes she's all over Pinterest and Tumblr.

She has been developing the prettiest of iPad cases and iPhone holders and she now has teamed up with Google’s Glass technology for the creation of an exceptional pair of glasses that makes it possible for you to capture moments from an entire new perspective, totally on the go and pretty much fun as you can see in the little movie below, captured through the eyes of Diane herself.

You gotta give it to the lady, she’s just on trend anyway she goes...



Images of her succulent SS 2013 collection during New York Fashion Week, with some of the models sporting the high tech design glasses

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