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Introducing Neha Joyas

Door Tiany op 05.09.2012

A while ago I met this lovely Mexican lady Kathia via Twitter, we started chatting and that's how I Iearned about her amazing creations with her fellow partner in crime Marian. Let me introduce you to some lovely bling from over the seas, close to my roots and like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Neha Joyas is constantly featured in international fashion titles such as Elle, Harper's Bazaar, In Style and Vogue and often worn by truckloads of Latino celebs. Not entirely a strange thing as the artisanal jewelry designed by the Mexican duo is to be categorized as powerful, edgy and original all the way. It's like subtle bling, not in your face or over the top, but intriguing and captivating and noticed from the minute you wear it.

Being a lion (zodiac sign that is, but sometimes also after not having washed my hair for a week) I immediately fell in love with Neha’s double lion heads necklace… it now sparkles on a constant base around my neck and is alternated with the ‘sello’ necklace, which features my initial. Then there’s these amazing pretty bracelets made by Mexican Indigenes and encrusted by Neha with the prettiest of rhinestones…

The lion has two faces: the sensual smiley one and the always smiley one wink

Check the Neha Joyas website and get your very own Neha as they also ship to Belgium, I know life can be great right?!  

Thanx lovely ladies at Neha Joyas, Dirk Alexander for the pics and the lovely Sophie Engelen for pimping my looks! 

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