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Kirilovin’ Club Monaco

Door Tiany op 04.09.2012

True, I've done better poses, guess my mind was still on a holiday when these pics were taken... or perhaps I was gasping for air, which pretty much might explain that 'jaw dropper' of mine. Well, what-to-the-ever! I'd say focus on the amazabelles frocks I'm wearing, as I was sporting this head to toe look of the long awaited Club Monaco. 

For those of you that still haven't had the chance to visit the States, Club Monaco is what I call an ab fab shop if you wanna score truckloads of fashionable basics but also pretty lady-like dresses and amazing styled jackets, on trend jewels and lovely printed goodies. You say prints and me ears instantly start flapping, as I am some kind of print junkie always attracted to the craziest designs in the brightest of colors. And that is amongst one of the many reasons I'm totally in heaven with the arrival of Club Monaco in the very mundane Knokke. So here I am sporting a lovely prints galore look and already longing for my next Club Monaco acquisition.

Hope you like my take on some Club Monaco staple for fall/winter 2012



WEARING: Club Monaco pants, blouse, jacket, earrings and belt, Dries Van Noten sandals and Louis Vuitton bag... but guessing that's info overload as it's pretty obvious we're talking Louis Vuitton... right?!

On the wishlist as we speak: the lovely zodiac signs blouse and the African print dress... LOVE!


ohh and the good news... Club Monaco will be opening a second store very soon in the city of Antwerp... hurray! And I'll keep you posted on that!

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