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Introducing Vasilieva

Door Tiany op 06.08.2012

It must be the Russian blood running through my veins that has me constantly attracted to all things Russian. So that's why, I'm once more totally deranged with yet another fab lady from up north and guess what? This specific lady is leading a life in our own little Brussels!

I met Elena via one of my many Paris adventures and we kept a bit of cyber contact. The lady started about 2 years ago designing her very own frocks, which she often shares with us via the Vasilieva Blog. She has a little studio/showroom in the Rue Des Chartreux in Brussles where she creates her effortlessly chic creations, which are a mix of different styles and trends that appeal to lady Elena. They're cleancut but always very detailed and the collections are so limited that you'll often find yourself wearing a very exclusive item. Please check it out via and let me know what you think....


The Vasilieva blog is also a beautiful recap of Elena's life which is a collection of lovely images of her outfits, accessories, her trips to homeland Russia, buildings and inspiring elements she bumps into along her way.



I'm totally craving this amazing white peplum dress and I'm very much impressed with the various wonderful coats lady Vasilieva manages to create, wishing this lady all the luck!

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