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Girl Crush: Eleonora Carisi

Door Tiany op 31.07.2012

Every once in a while my heart skips a beat for all the flaunting beauties that cross my path during the many fashion weeks. Don't get me wrong I'm as hetero as they come, but I've always had this admiration for beautiful ladies with a certain degree of style.

Guess what, my job just has my admiration going on and on and on... and during one of my many fashion week quests, I met the ever so lovely Italian beauty Eleonora Carisi. She's got this Cindy Crawfordish sexy little mole and brown locks that have turned into a pinkish ombre along the way. She's got this eclectic, colorful style that makes my heart go boom boom every time I spot her in the boldest of colors. She's not only the lovely author behind one of my favorite blogs Jou Jou Villeroy (which I'm featured on!!! HELLO!!!), but she also designs her very own frocks under the name What's Inside You, which is basically a collection of lovely dresses that have my name written all over them. She is also a Sartorialist sweetie, gets invited to all the events that have you eating your heart out, she's a It girl and has her very own shop: This is Amaze, which is also an online shop selling emerging young talent.... I know... and yes, I totally realize it, this lady is what I call AMAZABELLES and has got me totally intrigued with every step she takes! I've seen her career go into 5th gear and really think she deserves every little piece of fame that has crossed her path, because besides being all of the above, the lady is one hell of a good photographer, totally obsessed with analog pics (check her tumblr page)

Behold the gorgeous style of Miss Italy Carisi and go ahead.. try to prove me wrong! But I'm guessing that if you read the prose that I tend to write, you'll be hooked on Eleonora by the count of three... 1... 2...3! Good luck with your new addiction!

Mr Sartorialist shares my Girl Crush, I'd be worried if my name were Garance wink


Colors, heels, accessories and a healthy dose of fashion guts equals Eleonora.

Eleonora und moi sharing a spot in Grazia UK magazine in the name of COS... how cool is that?

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