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Théa Rings meets Miss Moss

Door Tiany op 26.07.2012

It's not the first (nor will it be the last) time that I write about my beloved Théa ring, which was designed by the lovely Emilie Duchêne and spells my name in golden curvy letters. Well, it appears to be that I'm not the only one totally smitten with the Théa jewelry as Kate Moss herself and her cute little offspring Lila are often spotted wearing the cute and personalized designs of Emilie.

So what's the story? Well, Emilie was enjoying her vacation in the sunny South of France when she heard that Kate was doing a shoot in the backyard of the house of friends of hers, so what are the odds? Kind of a unique situation and perhaps it also being faith, Emilie decided to create a Kate ring and Lila bracelet all studded with this mind-boggling little black diamonds... Amazabelles indeed and totally up Kate's alley.

So now rumour has it, Kate has been spotted all along her stay in Saint Tropez wearing her ab fab ring, good for her and extraordinary for lady Emilie... ohh yes we are proud and delighted to also be an owner of a piece of Théa....

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