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My Kirilove Week: the Marie Claire files, Celine haunting and Action!

Door Tiany op 22.07.2012

If by any chance you find yourself reading this post, then please let me applaud you as you should be sunbathing, or wandering the streets in search of a sunny terrace wearing scandalous little amounts of clothes. The sun has finally found it's way to Belgium, so Hallelujah to that!

It's been two weeks ever since my last Instagram meets Kirilove galore. Sorry for that, but I guess the good news is you get a double portion. The past two weeks I've been airmiling away spending a lot of hours in planes and hotelrooms and in between all that I've managed to do some filming for the new project that will soon be aired on a TV close to you. So stay tuned as I'll be telling you more about that very pronto.

Let me introduce you to the Celine Trapèze bag, which I've been longing for in a color range that seems to be sold out worldwide. I'm number 999 of the waiting list at Houben in Antwerp, I also find myself phoning Louise 54 about 5 times a day to ask if they've accidentally bumped into this bag in their stock... I kid you not, I'm kind of desperado and hoping it will come to me soon. grin

You might have noticed I'm very fond of the seaside and that I love to spend my weekends there, well guess that was the reason Marie Claire asked me to do a story on Knokke and all my favourite adresses. I'll soon share them with you on the blog, but in the meantime let me advice you to just go and get your very own Marie Claire as there's also this story on bloggers and Belgium's Fashionata aka Sofie Valkiers is also feautured in it.... so how many more reasons do you need? 

Ok guys, enough for now, I really have to split as there's some sun involved activity on the schedule... take care, wear sunscreen and big loves from the Kirilove! 

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