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The Art of Packing by Louis Vuitton

Door Tiany op 21.07.2012

A couple of months ago I got invited to attend the Louis Vuitton fall/winter presentation and at this mind-boggling event there was this very kind sir doing nothing else than packingsome very stylish Louis Vuitton luggage. Me totally intrigued by the happenings, added myself to the group of spectators and ever since I've been rolling my satin dresses, filling my shoes with socks and folding blouses into each other. The Art of Packing is as we speak being mastered by yours truly again as I'm leaving la Belgique, heading south to some sunny haven far from here where the surfs up and the cocktail shaking never stops (doesn't that sound romantic?)

For those of you that still have no idea of how to pack in the smartest possible way (sounds like me before this experience), behold this even smarter manufactured video fragment that will have you fitting truckloads of le fashion into one single piece of luggage... good luck sweeties!

It's hasta la paste for me, my dearest Belmodo lovers, take care and please do too enjoy the sun as I've been so very kind to order it on that one week of the year I'm actually gone wink 

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