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Reminiscing Trieste and ITS 2012

Door Tiany op 20.07.2012

I told you all about the amazing ITS 2012 competition that was held past weekend in Trieste - Italy and because many of you were wondering about my 'wear-abouts' during my 3 days of sun & fashion...  And so ladies & hopefully gents (are you gys actually into what a lady blogs about?) I hereby present you to the scarce pics that were taken of lady Kirilove by the lovely Sabrina (aka Miss Afterdrk).

Et voila, here I am striking a 'I'm now totatlly zen pose' in a Kermit the Frog green dress designed by the lovely peeps at Kenzo and still totally available chez Smets. Once more I'm smitten with the cut-out rear view shizzle. I guess I've become addicted to my back feeling totally va va voom, it might take over very soon and start it's own blog... should I be afraid? 


Dress: Kenzo

Earrings: H&M

Shoes: Dries Van Noten

For this very once I skipped the shopping part of the city, because of the lack of sun in Belgium I decided to swap clothes for some swimwear and took a little dive in the Adriatic sea... Ok, yes I totally admit... I visted the local flea market on Sunday and got myself the most admirable earrings ever for no more than 3 euro (I kid you not), I also bumped into this amazing vintage shop and in the little time remaining, I managed to buy some cute blouses that will soon be feautured in some outfit galore experience on this intergalactic web address.


Ohh la la la... le fashion at Trieste, I'm not kidding you: I NEED THIS BLUE FLORAL DRESS!

It's the yummy for the tummy gelato eating Cinque Ladies... jealous? Well, I would be too considering the fact we're all hot & sweaty and enjoying the best ice cream ever! Thanks Diesel babes!

The amazing Savoia Excelsior Hotel, the radest room I've ever been in and I don't mean to brag, but trust me I've seen many, many hotel rooms in my ohh so fashionable life wink


And some random Iphone turns le mirroir action... 


That's it for now folks... however, you've got some working to do, read: bring on the comments. Gracias loves!

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